The Million Crypto Homepage
· 1 Million Pixels
· $1 of crypto per pixel
· $250k Crypto Giveaway

What the What?!?


Who can buy space?

Technically … anybody wanting to advertise. I’m really wanting to see all the different crypto projects out there filling up the homepage with their projects.

Does it cost to register to win?

Hell no, registration to win $10k in crypto is free. The only people charged for anything here are the advertisers for their ad space. That’s where the winnings come from.

Why is this happening?

Well isn’t a get-rich-quick ploy, I’m just looking to raise some money and think GoFundMe type things are abused and lazy. I’d rather raise money while having some fun and do some good for others in return. I really like the idea of a decentralized currency and the benefits a blockchain integration can provide applications in general. Seems like this idea is a good way to raise money for my goals and bring attention to all the different projects out there.

Where are the proceeds going?

Here is the breakdown:

  1. Individual Giveaways -> $150k
    15 lucky people will win $10K in crypto. Email addresses will be picked randomly and done so live on the Facebook page for all to see. Sign up to win on the contact page.
  2. Crypto Start-up assistance -> $50k
    Starting a new project isn’t easy or cheap. $10k worth of crypto will be invested into 5 different start-ups that will be voted on by you. Use the contact page to let me know about your project.
  3. 501(c)(3) Non- Profit donations -> $50k
    • I have 3 places I work with that will receive $10k each
    • The top 4 largest purchasers of ad space will get to pick a charity to receive $2,500k
    • 4 non-profits suggested by you and voted on by you will get $2,500k each. Got a non-profit you want to suggest? Use the Contact page to let us know.
  4. Taxes, amount TBD
    You know the saying …. Death and Taxes
  5. I’ll be using the remainder
    After all my crypto mining and investing I still need a Lambo. Kidding, I would never. Three reasons I'm doing this:
    1. I have a product I’ve been developing for a while. Tackling a global paten strategy is going to be big $$$
    2. There is a forum I’ve been on for about 15yrs that the owner sold out to a company that does nothing but host bulletin boards. They are doing an absolutely appalling job at keeping it maintained, in fact they are killing it. I wish to buy it back from them and keep it running. It’s a six-figure sum. There is wayyy to much information to lose there.
    3. I have some personal things I also need to take care of for my family.

When will the winners be chosen?

No crypto will be awarded until the ad space on the homepage is sold out. Once that happens, I’ll give one month of voting on the startup assistance winners and the non-profits. At the end of that the winners will be announced, and the 25 individual winners will be drawn.

How will the awards be given?

The winnings will be given out from the coin and/or tokens collected for ad payments.

What if the portfolio value crashes before the winnings are paid?

Given the ebb and flow of the crypto markets this is certainly a possibility. If this happens the winnings will be paid by percentages. The final cash values paid out for each type of prize will be determined by the market on the day payouts are made.

How long will this site be live?

I got 15-ish years before I retire (do devs every truly retire? or just start tinkering?) and I'm sure I'll have it up and running for the duration.


I’m a developer that’s been building sites on the web since FrontPage ’97 lol. I was annoyed when I first had to buy Bitcoin around 2013 or so to pay monthly fees to run a Wolfenstein Enemy Territory server. Sure wish I knew what happened to that wallet. The last few years I’ve had a small 20 GPU mining farm in my basement. I recently got rid of it and still have a craving to do something in the crypto world.

Where did you come up with this awesome idea?

I can't take all the credit, nearly 15 years ago a kid named Alex created The Million Dollar Homepage to help pay for his college tuition. I really admired his idea and still stop by the site just to see what links are still up and running. It amazes me how many younger people never heard of it then again 15 years is an eternity on the web. So, I thought I’d rehash the idea but for modern times with a hopefully not-so-futuristic currency.

Are you worried about copy-cats/rip-offs?

Not at all. It is bound to happen (this is the internet after all), and in fact, I think it will work in my favor. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.